Friday, September 28, 2012

Hardest decision and other more important things.

I haven't mentioned before. I have been struggling with a black cloud hanging over. My dad has been I'll.  He was diagnosed with cancer in May. I flew over to UK to see him and spend some I've together then. We never discussed it  but since I was heading off on this trip, I felt it may have been the last time we meet.

I received the news that he was admitted to hospital and wasn't good. Tonight I talked to him over the phone in hospital. Just before i dialed him I struggled with what to say. This was the most horrible and wonderful moment. I'm not feeling wonderful. Imagine you could have a chat with your relative just one more time.

With this in mind I'm pondering if I should go to see him or not. I suspect he might tell me to bugger off on my trip.

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