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I've been a fan of travel for years but never could escape my 9-5 for more than a few weeks at most. Running your own business puts a ball and chain on your ambitions a wee bit.

Steven Kirk
I'm now at an age where I don't care too much about work as its only there to pay for my adventures and beer... or preferably wine. It was on such a wine tasting excursion to my fridge one night that got to thinking about such things as ... how difficult was it for the pioneers who first came to Australia. How hard would it be to go overland and other such nonsense. My third glass of Sauvignon blanc produced a great idea. Why not take a trip from Perth to Perth on a Triumph Tiger of course.

Then I woke up next day and realised it was a plan and everyone knew.

Im originally from Scotland, now living in Australia. Im now 54 years old ... (how did that happen) I run my own business, an engineering consultancy which pays the bills but hasn't made me a millionaire ... yet. I have 3 motor bikes, 2 pedal bikes and a car or two.

I've been spending the past 6 or 7 years finding an excuse to get a motorbike trip somewhere in the world. From New Zealand to Morocco or India to Africa I've managed a few weeks here and there. I love where I live but need to get a wee bit of adventure from time to time.

Heading north in Namibia 2010
This trip will be the biggest one yet, encompassing all the countries I've been keen to visit. Its a long long time away from home, it's also difficult to do this and run a business. Thankfully the guys in the office should keep me solvent.

Steven Kirk

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  1. Steven, just picked up on this trip via the HUBB, I'm from Perth originally but now live in Embra, it's a trip my wife and I are considering so look forward to watching the series (when it's available) We just finished the Argentina to Alaska trip (and a bit more ) 30,000 miles and 12 months, I can recommend it!
    Gino & Fiona Rondelli

    1. Hi Gino & Fiona
      Better have a chat with you regarding alaska Argentina, heading there in August. By the way, the DVD is now available see DVD page.


  2. Hi Steve, my name is Michael Gunn and I'm a fellow scot who loves life on the road, I'm a class 1 HGV Driver who currently works for the CO-OP at Newhouse, north Lanarkshire, the job itself is great as I get to travel all over scotland from the highlands to the lowlands, and have been on some of the most picturesque roads and islands that money can't buy. I'm a keen rider who loves the buzz off being out on the 2 wheels and just letting rip and being one with man and machine. My current bike is a Suzuki bandit 600 gsf mark 1 and it's my wee baby she's off road at the moment getting powder coated and some (TLC) so I'm currently looking at an adventure bike as I would love to travel all over and meet new people and experience life on a more natural adventure and as you know you can only get that by jumping on the bike and going for it, as you only live once and life's to short, so I just wanted to say to cut a long story short that I loved your dvd it was brilliant it's up there with a long way down and round and other pioneers that have led the way in traveling round this beautiful planet we call earth. I would love to see more of your adventures on dvd like Perth to Peru and any more that you might have available for purchase, if so, I would appreciate it greatly, I hope there's more to come from yourself with your adventures all the best!!!