Sunday, March 18, 2012


I'e decided to make a start on the necessary paperwork. Visa applications an carnet de passage. Iran now require proof of travel insurance as well so I've had to pay that one also.

Also, progress has been made on planning my video adventures. I've sat down and created a story board using mind mapping software. If I can get this together it'll make the editing (not my favourite hobby) a lot easier.

Wish I'd done this before, I can now see jut what is needed, I can tick off all the jobs done, file things easier and be able to create small portions of movie without being presented with an enormous monster of work. Thats the theory :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

UK prep trip

I'm back in Australia following a two week excursion to Portugal (nothing to do with prep other than fun really) and a few days getting my bike sorted.
The bad news was that the following needed fixing:
  • rear brake callipers leaking, pads worn
  • fork seals leaking (sounds expensive)
  • front brake pads replacing
  • tyres need replacing ( I knew this one)
Added to this I asked the guys at Youles Triumph in Manchester to fit my new running lights and the LED spotlights, rack and other goodies like a louder horn for me. All up £1200. Sadly I never got to ride it out the workshop completed as they had been delayed by late arrival of parts from the factory and I had to fly home. Upshot is that they are storing my noble steed until August for me which is sort of pretty good really.

I've been talking to a friend in USA about the trip and she is keen to come with me. Donna has been on a few lengthy motorbike trips and fancies going the same way as me. I would like some company along the way and a camera operator person would really come in handy .. for both of us really. I'll put together some Bio as soon as she allows me to.

So now I have to get down to serious organising. Today I'll post applications for passports and look at long term insurance. Still wondering if Iran is a good idea in the current political climate. A real shame if we have to divert.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

bike service and other stuff

Im currently in Halifax at the top of a hill in a pub which has to be the quietest bar around .... me and two others holding the bar up. Cant make money like this surely. Only a matter of tme before it joins the ranks of another UK ex-pub.

Some petrol and jump leads and the bike started without a problem. That was easy! Been out and about today. Was a bit cold, snow yesterday so a far cry from the hairdrier winds of Australia.Tomorrow I take the Trumpet to Manchester for a major going over and service. It takes two days apparently so hope everything is sweet.

This leaves thurdsday for fitting remains of bits n pieces, lights horn etc. Doesnt give me much time at end of week really. Lack of workshop space doesnt help either. Lay-by mechanics!

Not sure if I should delay flight for a bit or not. I might wait to get reoprt from mechanics tomorrow before I decide.

  Thought I'd check the engine bars, my lifting technique and find out likely damage in a fall. No one believes me.