Tuesday, March 6, 2012

bike service and other stuff

Im currently in Halifax at the top of a hill in a pub which has to be the quietest bar around .... me and two others holding the bar up. Cant make money like this surely. Only a matter of tme before it joins the ranks of another UK ex-pub.

Some petrol and jump leads and the bike started without a problem. That was easy! Been out and about today. Was a bit cold, snow yesterday so a far cry from the hairdrier winds of Australia.Tomorrow I take the Trumpet to Manchester for a major going over and service. It takes two days apparently so hope everything is sweet.

This leaves thurdsday for fitting remains of bits n pieces, lights horn etc. Doesnt give me much time at end of week really. Lack of workshop space doesnt help either. Lay-by mechanics!

Not sure if I should delay flight for a bit or not. I might wait to get reoprt from mechanics tomorrow before I decide.

  Thought I'd check the engine bars, my lifting technique and find out likely damage in a fall. No one believes me.

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