Welcome to Perth to Perth. (now finished) - Get the DVD 6 part series here

This trip started in Perth Scotland and took me through 19 countries across Europe, Asia and into Australia, finishing in Perth WA. It took approximately 4 and a half months to cover the 28,600 km although I had planned to complete it in less.

This has been one of the most amazing adventures of my life, really living every day, the sense of freedom and adventure coupled with the fun of riding a wonderful bike, meeting lovely people who genuinely are pleased to see me has transformed a cynical middle aged bloke into a adventurer with a thirst for more.

Somewhere in Iran, full tank of petrol and wide open road to travel.
I'm now back home in Perth Australia, working to pay for my next trip.

What and where will that be? How does Alaska to Argentina sound?

Read about P2P here.

Steven Kirk


  1. Hey Steven,

    Just found your site from the link you posted on expeditionportal.com. Great trip! Talk about inspiring!

    My name is Dan Grec (I'm an Aussie), I drove a little Jeep from Alaska to Argentina from 2009-2011.

    These days I'm living in Whitehorse, Yukon right up near Alaska. If I'm still here when you pass through, I insist I buy the beer and take you to to a couple of great remote camping spots I know of !

    When I got back From my Alaska->Argentina trip I really wanted to share the information I gathered and help other people make a similar trip.
    I created http://wikioverland.org as a free, open wiki for everyone to benefit from the information.
    For the countries in Central and South America, it contains all the kinds of stuff you need to know, crossing the borders, maps, camping, gas and diesel prices, safety, bribery, etc. etc.
    It's completely free, and anyone can put in and update information whenever they want. (You can just click "edit" on any page right now)
    Checkout http://wikioverland.org/Argentina as a good example of a country.

    I'd love to continue to build and update the site so it eventually contains information on all the most popular overland routes.

    I'm working towards my own Europe->SE Asia->Australia adventure, in a year or two.

    I'd love to get as much of the information you have as possible into wikioverland.org so
    that everyone can easily find and use it.
    Whenever that information goes into wikioverland.org I highly encourage linking to the original site, to help your site get more traffic and increase your google ranking.

    How do you feel about me putting this information into wikioverland and linking to your site all over the place?

    Do you have a page that summarizes the paperwork requirements and other info for each country.. or do I need to click through a ton of pages?
    Maybe you have some of the info in a word doc or something on your laptop?

    Also, If you'd like to add a link to wikioverland in your "Links" section, that will help others find and benefit from it.

    Thanks so much, I'd love for everyone to be able to benefit from your amazing adventures.


    1. Hi Dan,

      Crikey mate, I missed this. Great to hear from you. I cant wait to get to Alaska, I land on 15th august. At present all I have is rough idea of where I'm going and commitment to a presentation thing for 3 days in California end of Sep. Thats it for the moment.

      I need a bike

      I need a plan

      I need my head looked at ...

      wikioverland sounds magic. I'll have to go and look, I'd be over the moon if you provided links as I'm now selling DVD's, all proceeds go to two charities here and in UK.

      I will get my head together as regards border crossings and the like.


  2. Hey Steven

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us! Thanks as well for the quick delivery of the DVD, which I read about via a Charley Boorman tweet.

    My husband and I sat and watched it all in one sitting tonight,and thoroughly enjoyed it all. We got a good sense of how it was for you,in each country (some scary!). Good on you for getting out there and doing it!

    We're off ourselves in June for a 4 month trip around Europe and Morocco. Going right up to Nordkapp in Norway for the Midnight Sun. We cannot wait!

    Look forward to hearing about your next adventures.

    Rachel & Paul, Whitstable. England ��

    1. Hi Rachel. Thanks for taking the time to message me. I've never been up to Norway before, it's on the never ending list :) Ride safe.:)

  3. hey steve. I ordered your dvd on june 9th 2014.
    how long before i receive it, roughly?
    Glen. UK

    1. You should have had that weeks ago. email me your address and I'll check when it was sent. steven@kirk.net.au