Tuesday, March 13, 2012

UK prep trip

I'm back in Australia following a two week excursion to Portugal (nothing to do with prep other than fun really) and a few days getting my bike sorted.
The bad news was that the following needed fixing:
  • rear brake callipers leaking, pads worn
  • fork seals leaking (sounds expensive)
  • front brake pads replacing
  • tyres need replacing ( I knew this one)
Added to this I asked the guys at Youles Triumph in Manchester to fit my new running lights and the LED spotlights, rack and other goodies like a louder horn for me. All up £1200. Sadly I never got to ride it out the workshop completed as they had been delayed by late arrival of parts from the factory and I had to fly home. Upshot is that they are storing my noble steed until August for me which is sort of pretty good really.

I've been talking to a friend in USA about the trip and she is keen to come with me. Donna has been on a few lengthy motorbike trips and fancies going the same way as me. I would like some company along the way and a camera operator person would really come in handy .. for both of us really. I'll put together some Bio as soon as she allows me to.

So now I have to get down to serious organising. Today I'll post applications for passports and look at long term insurance. Still wondering if Iran is a good idea in the current political climate. A real shame if we have to divert.

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  1. Hi, Just found your website.
    There are a few overlanders currently in Perth (Oz) having ridden here from the UK and Europe.

    If you need some info just give us a shout or we can meet up for a beer.