Sunday, January 1, 2012

A lot has changed since last time

Since last time, the planned trip through China has fell on its arse. The people organising the trip have cancelled due to lack of interest or the plight of the economy or both.

So back to plan A then. Iran - Pakistan - India and with a bit of very good luck ... Burma perhaps.

The Tiger is not the best bike for this route so change of bike might be needed too. Lets see.
Now to make serious plans for the trip. The route goes through Europe at the end of summer, India in the wet season and hits Australia when its silly hot. Getting the timing right through Iran and Turkey is a fine balancing act I'm told, too cold across the mountains if left too late, too hot in Pakistan if too early.

My fitness is another issue. I was in Wales earlier in the year for two days off road training in Wales and really felt exhausted half way into second day. A recent trip to do the same in Thailand left me overheating and out of breath after some exertion on a small 250. I need to get fit to be able to cope with the heat and stresses of the desert so reluctantly I will be returning to the gym this year.

Im still working on the format of this site so it will probably change a few times as I get it together.
Back to new year celebrations for now.


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