Monday, February 4, 2013

Welcome home

Heading south in convoy, more than 30 bikes
Meeting up with about 30 bikes in Joondalup just north of my final destination before we rode the last 30km into Perth and the last stop, was quite emotional. I didn't expect that many guys to turn up, everyone was really nice and congratulated me on the trip. We rode down the highway in a convoy with me at the front. I was really honoured that these guys would follow and support me on the last leg of my journey. Amazing!

It was even more heartening to see even more bikes parked outside Perth council house when we arrived there.

Perth Mayor Lisa Scaffidi with letter from Scottish Provost
The lovely Lisa Scafffidi, Perth Mayor, greeted me with open arms and all of this was captured by TV and media. I felt like a rock star for 5 minutes. Absolutely amazing!

This was overwhelming and I was unsure how to deal with it really, but there I was, some ordinary bloke on a bike arriving home having ridden 28,800km from Perth to Perth.

No big deal surely, but this event today was a big deal. It was magic, everyone was wonderful and I felt really special, welcomed by friends and family who braved the heat of the day to meet me.

So that's it. The END.

The end of this amazing adventure. I'm happy to be able to complete what I started out to do but sad at the same time. Will I ever be so lucky to do something like this again? I hope so.

The last few months have been an amazing whirlwind of ups and downs,  mostly ups. My trusty bike has a place in my heart, not like a person, its a machine, but I cant help but feel some affection for this amazing bike that has transported me across the world. Its a motorcycle, one of many similar on the road everyday but this one is special.Its witnessed all of my moods, from good to bad, it's accompanied me over potholes and gravel  saved me when other vehicles were trying to kill us both, carried me through torrential rain without a hiccup  taken me through horrendous heat and cold,  kept me alive and given me a life at the same time. How can I not feel some affection or connection with my close companion that is a motorbike after all.  I now have to send it back to UK and I now  know I should now sell it for something new but that will be very hard to do.

My Dad and me. February 2012
My family have been supportive through the whole trip, especially when I lost my Dad and I had to rearrange all plans. My wife has been the support crew behind me, when something goes wrong, I can rely on her to do whatever is required to get help or solve any dramas. I didn't have a support vehicle behind me but I don't think that's needed really. As long as I have someone at the end of the phone who can do something to help, I never felt alone. She was the one who heard my moans when I was down, she lifted me up at my worst and told me off when I needed to be grateful.

Sad to see the end, now it's back to work and routine. I need to recover so much money now. Yes it's rather expensive but I wouldn't change that for the world, worth every penny. So if you are thinking of doing something similar, stop thinking about about it and just do it before you can't. Life is short.

So what now?

Did you know there is a Perth in Tasmania?

Fancy that! A Tiger in Tasmania. In Perth as well :)


  1. Congratulations, Steven! I'm so very happy you were able to complete this dream. Time to start planning the next one! :-)

  2. Thanks Russ. appreciate your support all along. Cheers!

  3. Hi Steven! We met in a hotel bar in Johor Bahru around December 16. We had just started our "only" five-weeks-trip to Australia, where we picked up our daughter, and to New Zealand. We were very fascinated by you and your journey - congratulations for being as free and brave by heart to do that! We are also back in our "normal" lives now, we have our daughter back :)(at least for the time until she will leave for university). We are sure, we will travel again to Australia as soon as we can - so many places still to explore! If you ever should travel to Germany, we hope you will visit us at Ulm. You can find us on Facebook.

    Affectionate regards! Ingrid and Helmut Bohnacker from Germany

  4. Hi Guys. Thanks for your support and kind words. I really have to get back to Germany again. Now back at work, the journey seems so long ago now :(