Saturday, February 11, 2012

Perth campaign for city status

Here's something I didn't know. Perth isn't a city. Well the Scottish Perth isn't.

I always thought it was, but in 1975 due to some government thingy ... too boring to go into, Perth was stripped of this status. It can become a city again but needs the help of her majesty down south in Buckingham palace. Only the Queen can grant this apparently. There is a campaign on the go attempting to recover city status, hopefully this year. There is some more information here

I never noticed and I've been to Perth a million times.

Here's something else I didn't know. Since the huge floods that drowned Perth in 1993 a huge flood defence system which includes gates, walls and so has been installed. These are part fixed and part temporary. I'll get some more info when I get there with the camera.

------ stop press -------

Perth has now been awarded city status again, the Queen must have read this and thought ... welll If he thinks it's alright then it's fine by me. Thanks Mrs Queen.

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