Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sorted the video equipment

I know this isnt really that important but I've sorted out the video equipment and editing suite. I replaced my long faithful EEpc with a new solid state hrd drive netbook. This means no hard drive to go wrong due to vibrations and the like.

The screen isn't as large as I would like but any bigger and I would need to buy a huge laptop which is too big and too heavy to fit in my bags. However, I do have an iPad and discovered a groovy app that turns it into a second screen. see here..

iPad with Aspire S3 running Sony Vegas

I've tried out a few small files and it all works great. The whole idea is that I can edit whilst onthe road instead of building up tons of footage that is just too hard to go through when I get back home eventually. Too hard!

So if all goes to plan I will be putting up videos online as I go.

I've also installed maps for Europe, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore so navigation is sorted. I still need to get somepaper maps though, as a gps screen can be hard work sometimes.. I will be using my old trusted Zumo which is made for the bike and has been through a few wars by the look of it. Looks a bit dated these days but is waterproof and is easy to use, even with bike gloves on.

Well only 3 weeks till Portugal and final bike prep.

Updte 4/2/12 - test video
Just put this together to test the laptop and the editing staff. Pity about the star though!

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