Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Still deciding on which bike to use

I'm travelling with some other guys who are going from London to Singapore (makes it easier for me to get through China in anycase). Its a tour company called Globebusters who run out of South Wales. I've just been told they are extending their trip to Sydney. So they will be flying to Perth from Singapore and riding North. Funnily enough I will be heading to Darwin and heading south. So somewhere in between we shall meet up again!
Since I have a bike in UK and one here, I've just realised that instead of shipping my UK bike across to Australia, why not send it back to UK and pick up my Australian bike in Darwin. Thats a better idea methinks. Then all I have to do is simply fly straight to Darwin and continue. Now to find storage place in Darwin. They have allowed to ship my bike back from Singapore in any case so why not.
Still waiting to hear how much off road stuff we're doing as the Tigger is not the best for this kind of trail. Ah well better get back to work :(

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