Saturday, February 5, 2011

The beginning - Thinking about preparing for a new adventure in 2012

Well I've been thinking about whether I should record the next adventure or not. I don't want a job whilst on my adventure but it would be a shame to forget all that stuff, anticipation, fear, excitement, good days, bad days etc. So what I'm going to do is post a few things over the next few months to get the feel of this and see if works out.

Anyway, down to it. what on earth is Perth to Perth? Well trendy name and all but its a bike ride from Perth to Perth. Nothing unusual about that then. I've done this before in fact. Perth to Inverness, Skye and back to Perth again. This time though I'm going a bit further, and one way. Perth Scotland to where I live now, Perth in West Australia.

Original plan was to travel from Perth in oz northwards to Perth in Scotland in 2012. I looked at various different possible routes and my preference was to travel through India, one of my favourite places, Pakistan, Iran , Turkey etc. However I couldn't get through Burma by road. Next plan was via china but going alone and having to pay for a dedicated guide (apparently requirement of entering China on a vehicle) was too silly expensive and not in the spirit of the thing.

Then one day a Globebusters brochure (adventure tour company) fell through the post showing a trip planned from London to Singapore via China. excellent! Wrong way round but at least someones done most of the hard work for me. I'm a bit lazy, well no I'm not, just limited time really. Hey and its planned for the same time I was wanting to go anyway - bargain! so it's booked now.

So the route starts in Perth, where I leave from, down the UK to London and where we set off on 14th August 2012 at the Ace Cafe. from there we head for Europe then East to Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Cambodia, Thailand and Singapore. I wave good bye to the rest of my fellow travelers before continuing towards Indonesia, Timor and then to Darwin for the final road home. should I call it Perth to Perth (the other way round) Nah - too cheesy, anyway it's been done to death by lots of people and I don't mean Charley & Ewan.

I'm new to this blog thingy but will try and post a map of where I think I'm going.

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