Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2 Weeks to go ...

Media update

Some media people have shown an interest in my wee adventure. Someone asked for a recent photograph and having had ruffled through piles of bike shots I found nothing decent. So, we appointed our official photographer (my son)  to take some publicity type, wind swept and interesting images. I thought this one turned out pretty good.

Incidentally, this bike is being shipped to Darwin in a few weeks so that I can use it later in the year for the final leg down to Perth Australia.

UK Bike Stuff

I knew there was something I forgot. The annual MOT inspection. So I've asked the guys at the Manchester Triumph dealers, Youles on Bury road to arrange for me. So in theory then, I should be able to step off the plane, into a taxi, out the taxi, onto the bike and drive off, over the horizon with a smile. Thankfully  there really isn't much else to arrange with the bike for now. I have to say, that's a good feeling after months of  indecision. I've simply stopped worrying about minor things now.

Work Stuff
That's enough about work.

Health Stuff again.
Today I get some bits cut out. My eyes water at the thought so I'll spare me the details.

-- update 6:50pm -- bits have been removed to a jar and submitted to Pathology. Looks like a small Melanoma but wont know for sure till next week when I get results -- Happy its removed. The poor medical student who got the prize to sew me up didn't know where to look when I asked him where would I send him the flowers for such a wonderful job done :)

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