Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One week to go

Ah the life of a rock star!
Presentation from Janet Davidson,
 Deputy Lord  Mayor of Perth
I've been meeting some important people. I even have in my possession a wee present from the Mayor of Perth for the Lord Provost (Scottish Mayor) of Perth. You'd have worked out by now who is who. I was made to feel very welcome by the deputy Lord Mayor Janet Davidson yesterday in Perth City Council Offices.
Janet, like myself originated in UK and has been in Sunny WA for more than 30 years. We both agreed on our preference for where the best weather is. Thanks Janet for your warm hospitality! Much appreciated!

Keith Williams and the "On 2 Wheels" Crew
P2P Party
It's been a busy week!
On Sunday we had the P2P official (Aussie version) going away party which was a blast.

Keith and the crew from "On 2 Wheels" motorcycle show popped down for an interview.
Thanks for all those that came along. I now need to go and retrieve my bike from the bar in Dear Friends Restaurant.

The Advocate 31/7/12
And so to another wee headline, this time in the local paper.

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