Friday, July 6, 2012

Back in Australia, but not back on the booze.

I'm back in Australia, back in the gym, back to work, but not back on the booze. I'm on the "Dry July" which is the charity for Cancer research in Australia. No drinking for a month. Also, any money i raise will be given to Royal Perth hospital. Even if I don't raise much, i reckon handing over the same amount as I would normally to the bottle shop owner would provide a lot of assistance.
I have a donation page here just in case anyone wants to provide me with support. Even $1 will do. Its not part of my trip really but I reckon since most people have been touched with Cancer in one way or another, it is worthwhile.

On another note. I didn't start out to get sponsorship or freebies. That wasn't the point, but when some kind people offer some things to make things easier, I can hardly refuse. I now have several people helping. This has really bucked up my spirits. I'll put some credits up on a supporters page next week.

So, just over four weeks till I fly ..... getting excited. Its like being 10 years old waiting for Christmas.

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  1. its now been 14 days .... I'm amazed I'm still going. Can I make it 21?