Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Four weeks to go.

Bike preparation and Health checks.

On this trip I will be driving two bikes. On from UK to Singapore. The other from Darwin to Perth. One is in UK waiting for me to fly over and pick it up, the other sits outside here waiting to be sent to Darwin whilst I'm away.

I will be putting this bike in a crate prior to leaving for Europe. My tour manager (wife) will then arrange transport to Darwin. Some guys I work with have been kind enough to allow me to store the bike in their Darwin warehouse for a couple of weeks until I arrive in November/December. Thanks to Devin of ATP Solutions Perth for helping me out with this one. Much appreciated.

On health focus, I've had the Typhoid & Cholera booster done last week and I'm getting final health checks this week. I have discovered a small black spot which looks like a melanoma so better to be safe than sorry, I'm seeing surgeon to get that cut out. I was also alarmed by doctor recently when he found a lump in a strange place I won't mention but it's being scanned tomorrow and blood taken. If the blood tests turn out okay,  it will be all systems go. If not then I'm screwed and P2P will have to wait for a bit!

Here's hoping it's all good news .... I'll tell you more next week.

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  1. Sending you all the luck I can muster, Steven. Hope all things are go. -russ