Friday, September 28, 2012

Beautiful Antalya

I didn't exactly get the best feeling whilst driving down to Antalya. I was tired, tummy bug and driving at night. All guaranteed to make you grumpy. When I arrived at my hotel I simply went to bed.

Next day I was determined that I'd have a nice day but had to get my tyres fitted, hopefully they turned up at the garage on Saturday morning. Sadly, they didn't. I'd have to wait till Monday now. Another two days delay. With that, I had no choice but to enjoy the days there, and I did.

Rengin, Andrew and Jacqui

I met Andrew and Jacqui from UK, lovely people, Andrew is called the Colonel as he was in the army and the name has stuck. Jacqui flies with Thompson all over the world. We were all staying at a beautiful place called the Kaucuk Otel run by one of the nicest people, Rengin. This is not her day job though, she works as MD for a large banking group in Istanbul. She pours her heart into this place and it shows. The staff are all lovely and I feel I could stay here for weeks.
Kaucuk Otel Gardens

I've bumped into some really nice people here. Whilst wiring up some new lights on the bike, a local man saw that I'd prepared to change the engine oil. He went away and returned with tools to do the job. Before I know it he's changing the oil for me. How good is that?


My Mate Jeroen in Iran has a broken KTM and asks me to check with local dealer in Antalya for some parts. When I get there I see they are also dealers for Triumph. This is rather surprising as according to Triumph website, there is no support in Turkey. I buy a new oil filter and a spare chain. Anyway, I can't help Jeroen as it would take 3 weeks for the bits to arrive. I ponder the idea of staying ... , nice place to stay but I must go.
Up to the local bike shop and thankfully the tyres arrive. The owner then shows me where to have fitted, drives across town and leaves me at tyre fitters. Another kind chap!

South Turkey coast on way to Iran

So that's it. No more reason to delay, lets Go Iran! So the next few days are easy across south coast then up to the border.

Rough camping for beginners.

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