Sunday, September 2, 2012

Welcome to Italy. Get a move on!

Menton to La Spezia
I'm not considered a slow driver often but when I cross into Italy using the Autostrada, I'm astounded by the change in driving habits. In France, everything moves quickly and it all works, drivers have patience and wait their turn. In Italy, this changes as I notice cars, trucks, vans and old ladies in small Fiats so close to my back tyre, I'm starting to get a wee bit nervous. "Gett outta my way"! is what I'm feeling from the cars behind me

This is not right surely. I accelerate to current motorway speeds and find that even at 180kms/hour there is still some dude trying to push me into the bushes. "Getta outta my way"! Love it!
I'm going to head for the North West cost of Italy. La Spezia. This will be the first time I've camped in my new tent.

First time camper
I've found this amazing camping place just north of La Spezia. Get this, to get there you drive north through a single track tunnel. you can only go when the traffic lights change. OK. Then I notice the sign states something like 00:20:40 on every hour. The tunnels are so long that you can only enter every 20 minutes. This explains the long queue. I'll show you the video later.

The tunnel used to be for trains only and is not well lit. Not good if you cannot get your sunglasses off in time, the whole world disappears and I'm in a panic to get my sunnies off to make sure I emerge from the other end. I know there is a campsite along here but I didn't expect an opening on the side of the tunnel wall to open out to a campsite. I've nearly missed it but hit the brakes in time and find myself turning quickly into an opening before Luigi runs me down with his Fiat van. It opens onto a lovely lagoon with camp pitches along the side, leather skinned sun bathers, umbrellas and a bar! Excellent.

The Mediterranean from Italy

Next: Guess what I get in Venice?


  1. Did you ever get rid of your big ass tent?
    and are your eggs still in one piece? ;-)

    Ken (from the tent next door)

  2. Hi Ken

    good to hear from you :)
    I just sent it off back to UK. 23kgs worth in a box. Its all ok for Europe but bumpy roads in Turkey convinced that I'd wreck suspension if I didn't reduce some weight. Even my egg thingy has gone back :( I have sleeping bag, tarpaulin and string now.