Saturday, September 8, 2012

I have it in my hand

Finally. At last. I have the bit of paper in my hand. My long lost Carnet de Passage has finally arrived. We meet in romantic Venice. Its so nice that the carnet has flown my lovely wife over as well.

I've driven up from La Spezia, mostly on Autostrada to save time after leaving the mountainous regions . It's bloody hot and I'm struggling to cope. How on earth will I deal with this in Pakistan? I've resorted to removing my jacket and gloves to try and cool down. I can't remove my new boots which are surely designed for the arctic. My feet must be glowing red by now.

A few watering stops and a break in the weather help me all the way to a nice hotel in Mestri. Nearby Venice is 10 minutes by bus and a Mestri hotel room is about a third of the price. Makes too much sense to me. I take my boots off and nearby, some small creatures die.

Lorraine flies in tomorrow morning and I'll be there to meet her. She has my long awaited Carnet de Passage document, the paperwork I need to get into Asian countries.

So this is my first time in Venice and Venice by day, well, not very impressed really.There are lots of people being busy, busy. endless confused tourists dragging suitcases on wheels around side streets. Canals in between old run down buildings, rubbish in bags and bins awaiting the garbage boat. We've walked for ages in and out of the continuous maze of small back streets, tired out we head back to our hotel unimpressed, perhaps too tired.

I was going to leave with the impression that Venice was crap. Have you seen a nightclub through the day? Same thing, looks crap but when dark falls, the place comes to life.

Venice transforms into a magical place at night. Music playing, food cooking, lights, atmosphere, smiles and happy. It takes me a while to realise this place by day is totally different by night. I actually get it now. Lovely place.

Through the day, the water taxi is crowded, hot and smelly. By night it becomes a romantic cruise in cool air whilst you pass along the canals, windows glances of chandeliers, book cases, lights glimmering on the water. I attempt to try and capture it on my camera but it doesn't matter really. I love the place now. What a change a day makes!
We simply wander around Venice. That's all we needed really.
I've had a brilliant time with my wife  but sadly, it comes to an end in the morning.

This trip has seen lots of goodbyes. I'm slightly miserable now. She leaves in a taxi for the airport as I pack the last of my gear on the bike. The heavens open and piss an entire lake on me just to add to my misery.

The rain falls like never before, I get soaked trying to put on my waterproofs. Then when I set off, soaked, with waterproofs over, the rain stops and under the blazing sun I'm a one man steam sauna. God is really taking the piss here!

Naked Camping in Croatia..

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