Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Best Biking Roads in the world?

on the way to Col la Bonnette
If anyone asks me where the best roads for biking are. France is my reply. So I'm so happy to be here in the South east, in the French Alps. Bike heaven.

This is a nation that appreciates two wheels, has plenty of twisty roads, courteous drivers and loads of bike friendly places to stop. I have to remind myself many times that the bike is heavely loaded and I need to make it safely across to the other side of the world so take it easy. It's very difficult not to lose yourself in the sheer pleasure of this place. I love it.

Menton hotel
I'm on my way down to Menton on the Mediterranean sea. This is next door to Monaco but a lot lot cheaper. The weather is perfect, the roads perfect and I'm feeling good. I'm passing through Besacon and Briancon. The hotels are fairly good value here, around 50 Euros for the night. This changes further south but I fancy a wee bit of luxury before the camping begins. I find a place across from the beach, it has a veranda, secure bike parking, a bar and beautiful view across to Africa.

I've driven around 2100kms from Perth Scotland. The bike is good, the weather is good and I'm feeling good if a bit tired. This really feels like a holiday, not a big adventure.

Next: Welcome to Italy. Get outta ma way or i runna you over!

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