Thursday, August 30, 2012

Race to Paris

The race is on

I do like a challenge. How about we race from Ace Cafe to Paris hotel. I take the bike and ferry, you take the bus and Eurostar. So Lorraine jumps on local 224 bus to London centre, train to St Pancreas and hops on the Eurostar which takes 2hours and 15 mins. Amazing. Meanwhile, my GPS is trying to drag me through London city centre which I ignore and get to the M25/M20 and head for Dover. 

Goodbye UK

I know the channel tunnel is faster but I do prefer the time off on the 90 minute ferry to meander around the ship for a bit. Added to that, the psychological leaving of UK is a big thing, seeing the white cliffs of Dover disappear over the horizon is important, then I seek the new horizons of Europe and beyond! Makes it more of an adventure perhaps.

Anyway I blast down the A26/A1 to Paris and arrive in less than an hour after the arrival of Lorraine. OK, I lose, I expected to, however, if I'd taken the tunnel instead, I'd have won!


Last year we attempted to have dinner in the Eiffel Tower Jules Verne Restaurant. I was annoyed by the door man telling me I had to book 3 months in advance (in a slight french accent of course) So 3 months ago I did just that. Brilliant, we had the best seats in the place adjacent the windows facing North. Nice meal, six course degustation, although I don't think anywhere near as good as Dear Friends restaurant in Perth.

I love the atmosphere of the place. The weather is warm dry and sunny. The beer is refreshing cold and delicious. The bike is parked up in a side street covered up from prying eyes. I doubt it makes much diference as it's absolutely filthy.

So we have some time together, do some of the touristy stuff and I leave for the south. I'm aiming for Besançon, from there further south to Briancon in the Alps. 
Meanwhile, guess what? My Carnet has arrived. In Yorkshire!. Not much use to me here. So the plan is; Lorraine will send it out or fly out herself in next week to make sure all goes to plan.

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