Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Totally Ace spot to be

Steven Kirk at the Ace Cafe
I'm not a MOD or a Rocker. I reckon more of a mocker but it doesn't matter as Im getting the full monty breakfast here at the wonderful iconic Ace Cafe in London.

 Home to the start of many adventurers travels, the Ace Cafe is well known in UK and around the world for bikers or perhaps even scooters.

A whole bunch of us dropped by for breakfast and a chat. I recommend the full cardiac arrest special English breakfast complete with builders tea. Lovely!

I'm now heading off to Paris. I'm racing my family in true "Top Gear Style". I take road and ferry, they take public transport and the Eurostar. First to the hotel at the Arc d'Triomphe gets the beer in.

I wonder who wins!

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