Sunday, August 26, 2012

Twice upon a caravan

An entire school, normally reserved for well deserving young ladies has been transformed into camp ground and cinema venue for the 2012 Advenure travel film festival. Fancy that! 

I'm down in Sherborne in Dorset, at Sherborne school for girls. Its set in a sort of olde England where all things British exist A beautiful town with things you'd see in quaint olde England magazine monthly.
Last night I watched 
an American, Robert Fulton,  travel from UK across the middle east to Malaysia and Indonesia. Nothing unusual about that these days perhaps? However this was in good old 1932 where many roads didn't exist and it was filmed solo, with ancient equipment. The film is called Twice upon a caravan. Excellent stuff. I reckon his narration made the movie. So there's hope for me yet. I had to smile as he travelled through many of the places I'm planning to go to.

Have you seen Mondo Enduro or Terra Circa? If you have you would recognise this legendary guy. Austin Vince.

Austin and his lovely wife Lois are responsible for setting up the Adventure Travel Film Festival, an annual event. If you get a chance to, get yourself along to the next one near you. 

Sadly, I had little time to spend there but in any case managed to track down Austin for a chat.

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