Saturday, August 25, 2012

A few days off in Yorkshire with family

It's been a bit quiet.
Apart from the sound of chug chug chug, pshht, glug glug glug, burp. chug chug chug, pshht, glue glue glug, burp.
 Ah the life of a a canal boat captain. I’ve taken a week off to plod along at a maximum speed of 4mph. Life on a 57 feet long canal boat.

Before I head off over the world, I wanted to spend some time with the family so we booked a canal boat for a week. Much more fun than a hotel, probably much cheaper too.

We wandered the canals from Sowerby Bridge to Huddersfield and back. Great fun.
Its lovely that you can wander between pubs in a very civilised fashion. 

Anyway, this has nothing to do with P2P but it is nice to get a few days off from our hectic schedule of late.

In meantime, I'm awaiting final documents to be delivered. The Carnet e Passage is overdue and I'm starting to worry that it may not arrive in time for me setting off !

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