Friday, August 10, 2012

Just landed and my feet haven't touched the ground

Just before leaving Manchester
Busy Itinery
Busy 36 hours.
Left Perth on QF77 11:55 am 8/8/12
Landed in Manchester 9:55 am 9/8/12
Taxi to Youles motorcycles Manchester arrive 10:50.
Unpack and re-pack too much stuff & leave Manchester 2:00pm
Drive for 5 hours and Arrive East Kilbride 7:00pm
Unpack shower and head out for a well deserved beer at the Monty.

Anyway, its been a mad rush. I feel a bit weird still, jet lag and tiredness. The thing is, I can't hang around as I have too much to do today. Fit some bits to the bike, re-arrange my chaotic luggage system, count the things I've forgotten.

I thought I'd got clothes sorted, can't find my shorts. I have so little clothes yet so much stuff. I'll have to look at this some more. Hey I've noticed, how much space shoes take up! I will have to find inflatable ones. Anyone know where I can buy them?

I had to laugh yesterday. This bloke at the bike shop in Manchester wondered about where I was heading, "Australia" I said, "where?", "Australia" I said. "where's that? he asks, "You know, Australia, the country down under" I said, "Fuuccck" he says with mouth left wide open in disbelief.

This is my cake Avatar. Love the kilt!
Better make mention of the guys at Youles Triumph. Thanks very much guys, I was quite anxious about my bike (as you do) and you have done a brilliant job on it. Also, I need to say, I don't think I'd ever seen it that clean since I first bought it. Impressive!

I forgot to add this wee gem. At my going away party in Perth ... the Australian one, this cake was presented to me and my wife. This little character is me. Isn't it great?

I'd better go get my arse in gear. Its 7am here, the sun is shining, my bike awaits my attentions, and I'm a bit peckish. Looks like McDonalds first thing.

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